Use of Orthotics for patient balance


We have used a simple 30 seconds gait analysis performed at constant speed in 3 different conditions:

  1. barefoot
  2. with sport shoes
  3. with sport shoes and orthotics


The patient has a strong asymmetry in the step length (more than 20%) with a better balance of all the other parameters of the gait (see barefoot gait report). The use of normal sport shoes improves the step length asymmetry only of 5% (still 15% difference) and underline an increasing asymmetry of the Load Response and PreSwing (up to 8%).

The selection of an appropriate orthotic determines a complete rebalance of the step length and all the other gait parameters as can be noted in the gait report.

barefoot with Shoes with orthotics


This evaluation underlines how important is the dynamic analysis of the gait parameters compared to the pure static approach of the pressure mapping systems.