About us

Microgate was founded in 1989 with the aim of developing and producing timing systems, both professional and for training.

Innovation and design have always formed part of Microgate’s strategy and our products have been entirely developed by a team of young, highly-motivated engineers. Over half of the firm’s current staff, which consists today of 30 collaborators, are working on the design and prototypes of new devices.

Microgate works in these main sectors:

  • Engineering (Adaptive Optics)
    Microgate’s engineering division exploits the dynamism and organization of Microgate to provide the right solution to the most challenging electronics demands.
    The main field of interest deals with the development and production of sophisticated control systems for adaptive optics and telescopes control.
  • Professional timing sector
    The wide range of Microgate products satisfies practically all timing requirements in the various sporting disciplines. In the professional sector, Microgate collaborates with many sports federations and with important teams in the timing sector, both national and international, supplying its products and technical assistance.
  • Training & Sports sector
    Microgate does important work in the world of athletic preparation and evaluation systems, providing trainers and others working in these sectors with technical consultancy and assistance. Collaboration with important university and research institutes in Italy and abroad allow us to continuously update our products.


  • New bulding with 1400sm
  • 250sm of electronic laboratory
  • Mechanical laboratory, test room
  • Clean room class ISO-7 

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